SIX Launches New Crypto Reference Rates and Real-Time Indices for Institutional Investors

The global financial information provider, SIX, has
launched the new SIX Reference Rate Crypto and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices,
aiming to serve as benchmarks for AsiaNext's crypto derivatives trading
platform and institutional investors worldwide.

The financial information provider has introduced a set
of indices aimed at enhancing crypto trading. The new SIX Reference Rate Crypto
and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices promise to offer unprecedented transparency
and reliability in the crypto market.

These indices cover major crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing a comprehensive overview of the market's

AsiaNext's Role

Dr. Christian Bahr, the Head of Index Services and Financial Information at SIX, mentioned: “The introduction of these BTC
and ETH Indices underlines our dedication to delivering sophisticated and
well-tailored solutions for very specific use-cases, such as crypto derivatives
trading. I am confident that these benchmarks will serve as an indispensable
tool for AsiaNext and foster the creation of an ecosystem between derivative
exchanges and institutional investors.”

AsiaNext, a digital asset trading venue co-founded
by SIX and SBI Digital Asset Holdings, is set to benefit from these indices.
With a focus on regulation and stringent standards of corporate governance,
AsiaNext aims to provide institutional investors with a secure platform for
executing market strategies and trading digital assets confidently.

According to a statement sent to Finance Magnates,
the partnership between AsiaNext and SIX symbolizes the convergence of
traditional finance and the crypto ecosystem. By offering institutions the
necessary governance, processes, and tools to navigate the volatile crypto
market, this collaboration sets a significant milestone for the industry.

The Future of Derivatives and ETF Trading?

Sudeep Chatterjee, the Head of Product at AsiaNext,
highlighted the commitment to providing institutional clients with robust
crypto derivatives trading, including standardized performance evaluation and
timely risk management.

Last year, SIX introduced ETF QOD Europe, a platform
designed to enhance the trading experience for European ETFs and ETPs. This
move signifies a strategic expansion for SIX, positioning it as a regulated
exchange operator catering to the diverse needs of traders and asset managers
across various European markets.

ETF QOD Europe addresses the evolving needs of
market participants by offering diverse execution mechanisms, high liquidity,
and competitive pricing. Through collaborations with internal CCP SIX x-clear,
Cboe Clear Europe, and LCH Ltd, the platform ensures seamless on-exchange
processing, clearing, and settlement, mitigating counterparty risk and
optimizing trading costs.

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