The logistics industry handles a pile of data that is currently handled in the old-fashioned, centralized manner and requires an inappropriate amount of manpower. Logistics Industry operates in different locations, i.e. in different jurisdictions. Managing a single supply chain for a single product could be a nightmare for a novice and a serious logistical headache even for an experienced logistics expert.

Due to a centralized system, it is not possible for logistics companies to record every movement of their means of transport and communicate with the recipient at the same time. Due to this gap recipient often slip window time for his delivery, which causes inconvenience, delay in delivery and additional costs for logistics companies to redeliver the shipment. Even today, logistics companies struggle with innovative methods for express delivery and 24×7 support for pickup and drop-off.

Last, but most importantly, at present International Sales Import and export successes in the traditional method Import and export are performed in the traditional method via the centralized banking system. This includes a [substantially high] fee, a complex method of processing waybills and letters of credit, other paperwork that leads to late payment and ownership of goods.

Dafzo was planned to be a solution – a solution for all these problems related to international shipping and local delivery. Dafzo works together on a single platform to share data and optimize resources that benefit everyone, users and partners. The decentralized logistics system Dafzo P2P offers

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